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Copyright Registration Number : S94682HB : website registered under number 2104
 by the State Prosecutor of the High Court of Evreux (FRANCE)
certifies having delivered the certificate of the original following registration

Name of the registrant : Association UNIE

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Site de l'Association UNIE, Union nationale pour l'instruction et l'épanouissement

Date and time of the registration :  01-11-2017 à 17:35   
This document has undergone
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Paris (date) 01-11-2017 - The publication manager G.E.E. : Official signature and seal

Reminder : (code of the intellectual property (France), extracts) :
  Point L.335-2. All publishing of written documents, musical composition, drawing painting or any other totally or partly printed, engraved production regardless of the laws and regulations concerning author's property is a forgery and any forgery is an offence. In France, forgery of published work in France or abroad is punished by 3 years in prison and a 300.000 euros fine. Will be punished the same way selling export and import of counterfeit work.

  Point L.335-3. Is also considered a forgery offence all reproduction , representation or circulation by any mean, of piece of spiritual work by violating the author's rights, as they are set and regulated by law. Is also considered as a forgery offence the violation one of the owner of the software's rights.

Warning : under no circumstances would the website or the Certification Authority guarantee
or legitimize any use of registered documents .The authenticity given by this registration is only on the date and time of the registration as well as the existence of the  registered documents. This registration would never be a substitute to a legal registration as decided by law, especially regarding patents, brands, RCS, ISBN, rules for competition games, etc.
This certificate of registration would never be a substitute to an official affidavit.

Beware ! all use without the author's authorization will be considered an offence
and will lead to proceedings.

Every modification or copy of this document will lead to proceedings.

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