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Reminder : (code of the intellectual property, extracts) :

  Point L.335-2. All publishing of written documents, musical composition, drawing painting or any other totally or partly printed, engraved production
regardless of the laws and regulations concerning author's property is a forgery and any forgery is an offence. In France, forgery of published work in
France or abroad is punished by 3 years in prison and a 300.000 euros fine. Will be punished the same way selling export and import of counterfeit work.
  Point L.335-3. Is also considered a forgery offence all reproduction , representation or circulation by any mean, of piece of spiritual work by
violating the author's rights, as they are set and regulated by law Is also considered as a forgery offence the violation one of the owner of the
software's rights.
Beware ! all use without the author's authorization will be considered
an offence and will lead to proceedings.
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